The Blueprint The Seven Simple Shifts

The Blueprint ~ The Seven Simple Shifts

Coached by Algernon Williams (Al)

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We take you through seven simple attitude adjustments that will change your way of thinking, release you from your habitual behaviour and take your from

Stress - Struggle - Sacrifice - Repeat 

Learn the secrets of an 

Entirely New Way of Living!

Goodbye to stress!

The real magic of The Seven Simple Shifts...

They are the common factors that feed our humanness, they empower us to take our own personal power and take control of our lives to create a life full of ease, joy, fulfilment, purpose, and happiness.

Goodbye to stress!

The Seven Simple Shifts ...

  • Move us to love our self before all else
  • They teach us that we have choices in every moment of our life
  • To discover who we really are under all the masks that we wear
  • They help us to find ways to stand in our own power not being swayed by the world around us
  • Not being bogged down by the shoulds and should nots of our society
  • They entice us to realize that life is a celebration and that life can be celebrated in every moment

This is no ordinary coaching!  Let us take you on a journey to your real empowered self where YOU will be supported every step of the way with expert coaching and guidance. 

When you experience The Seven Simple Shifts ...

Life gets easier, it has more flow, it becomes a happier place to be. It really is a whole new way of living!

What people are saying about the Shifts ...

Work has begun to get easier, and life has begun to get easier. The trivial things that would have bothered me before have become just that and no longer have any effect on my life as I know it now.


After working with Al, I now understand what was holding me back. With just a few simple adjustments in attitude and perspective I have been able to transform my life completely. My life has changed and now I feel in control and I feel happier than I have ever felt in my life.

Charlotte (USA)

Al is an amazing transformational life coach, he has brilliant insight and his message is both inspiring and empowering. I have had the privilege to partake in his Awakening Series Workshop as well as had one on one bodywork and healing sessions with Al. Thank you Al you have helped me so much on my journey and I look forward to ongoing work with you in the future - I can highly recommend Algernon! 

Britta (New Zealand)

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We can't wait to share The Seven Simple Shifts with you. They have changed many peoples lives and we are passionate about sharing them with you too! 

Algernon  Williams (Al)
Algernon Williams (Al)
Co-Founder, creator and facilitator of 33 Days to Happy & A New Way of Living

With over 3 decades working as a Transformation Life Coach, Karate Sensei, and healer, teaching, guiding and coaching hundreds of people from all walks of life and all ages,  Canadian born, New Zealand based Algernon Williams is a power house of experience and insight. He dives right into the heart of the matter and looks at our commonly held attitudes towards work, family and relationships in this time of awakening. He offers a fresh view of life that challenges our habitual thinking empowering us to allow an entirely new way of living to emerge.

Transformational in his content, inspiring and empowering in his message, Al offers new insight to the big questions.

Welcome to a new way of living.